Project Engineering

Narrabeen Inc has extensive expertise in project engineering, over a number of different projects of different sizes. Among others, some the services we specialize and can provide are:

  • Project engineering example 1
  • Another example of project engineering
  • Yet another example of project engineering

Construction Management

Looking for a reliable contractor to help with a construction project? Narrabeen Inc are always available for construction and construction management jobs, taking on duties such as:

  • Construction, including carpentry and general labouring duties
  • Electrical expertise
  • Construction management example

Project Management

Project management skills, built up from a number of years working within various projects, including working closely on BC Hydro’s smart metering project initiative.

  • Design and project management
  • Assistance with planning, running and project managing projects
  • Other project management examples

Other services

Flexible and adaptable, Narrabeen Inc pride themselves on being able to adapt to any job or task that needs performing. Contact us today to receive a free consultation on any task or job that you require.